Offshore Energy

Developing Alaska's untapped offshore energy resources can increase energy security and create new jobs here in Alaska — and across the country. 

The governement estimates that Alaska's Onshore and Offshore resources hold over 51 billion barrels (Bbl) of oil and 237 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of natural gas.

Alaska's Outer Continental Shelf alone may hold 26 Bbl of oil and 131 tcf of natural gas. The Chukchi Sea is estimated to have 15 Bbl oil and 76 Tcf of gas. 

The long record of oil and natural gas operations in Alaska demonstrates that environmental impacts from exploration can occur in a way that enables protection of the environment, and with respect for the way of life of the people of the region and their communities.


Jobs on the Shores of Alaska

Increased energy production will help create new jobs in Alaska.  The oil and natural gas industry The industry accounted for 33 percent of all wage and salary employment in Alaska (111,000 jobs out of total of 335,000 jobs) and 38 percent of all wages ($6.45 billion in wages out of a total of $17.1 billion).

Government spending of oil revenue accounted for 60,000 jobs and $3 billion in wages (direct, indirect and induced) in Alaska’s economy in 2013.

In 2013, the “Primary Companies” employed 5,335 workers, including 4,700 Alaska residents earning $780 million in wages. Alaska residents represent 88 percent of “Primary Company” hire.

Including all direct, indirect, and induced employment and wages, oil and gas industry’s spending in Alaska accounted for 51,000 jobs and $3.45 billion in total wages in Alaska’s private sector.

See:  The Role of Oil and Gas Industry in Alaska's Economy (May 2014).

The shores of Alaska contain untapped potential to provide increased energy resources for America — and more jobs for The Last Frontier.


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