Alaska Jobs

The oil and gas industry already supports 110,000 jobs in Alaska.  These jobs add more than $19.2 billion to Alaska's gross state product, or almost 35% of its wealth.

We are currently, however, only scratching the surface in terms of potential energy jobs in Alaska.  

Increasing energy production in Alaska — by creating access to new federal areas and allowing more onshore and offshore production — could create tens of thousand of new jobs. 

The development of oil and gas resources in Alaska’s OCS could support 55,000 new jobs and $145 billion in new payroll nationally, as well as a total of $193 billion in government revenue through the year 2057.

The new jobs would be good, well paying jobs, both directly and indirectly associated with the industry.  Jobs not just in exploring, producing, refining, transporting and marketing oil and natural gas, but also through the purchases the industry makes of other goods and services that support operations such as equipment suppliers, engineers, construction companies, management specialists, and food service businesses. These businesses, in turn, purchase other goods and services that support other jobs throughout Alaska and the nation, generating further economic activity.

The oil and natural gas industry is already adding $19 billion to the gross state product, representing almost 35% percent of the state’s wealth.  Nationally, the industry supports $1.3 trillion in total value added to the economy, representing 7.6 percent of U.S. GDP. 

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